Legal warning

For reasons of security as much hers as ours we invited to him to that it reads our legal warning carefully.

We guarantee that insurance is in a space 100%, for this reason, giving fulfillment with having of collected in the norm of Services of the Society of the Information and the Electronic Commerce in Ecuador, world-wide norms and the RGPD, next it is pointed out:

1.1. Identifying data of the person in charge

  • Our social denomination is: Infinittonews (Property of the brands: Low of Weight Now, Technology Ideas and Money, Be done To see Ecuador, Jesus is my Velveteen, Aprender-A-Dibujar)
  • Our domain online is:
  • We were located in: The County, Quito-Ecuador
  • Email:
  • Our commercial activity is: Services of Marketing Online

1.2. Purpose of the webpage.

Served by the person in charge of the webpage is the following:

€“ The publication of services on marketing online.

€“ Provision of content in our channel of YouTube

1.3. Users:

The access and/or use of this website, attribute the condition of USER, who accepts, from this access and/or use, the present terms of use, however, by the mere use of the webpage does not mean the home of labor relation/commercial some.

1.4. Use of the website and capture of information:


The webpage in future (the WEB) provides the access to articles, information, services and data (in future, €œthe contents€) property of Infinittonews. The USER assumes the responsibility of the use of the Web.

The USER commits himself to make an suitable use of the contents that offers through its Web and with declarative but nonlimiting character, not use stops them:

  • To incur illicit, illegal or opposite activities to the good faith and the public order;
  • To spread to contents or propaganda of racist character, xenophobe, pornographic-illegal, of vindication of the terrorism or that attempt against the human rights;
  • To bring about damages in the systems physical and logical of, its suppliers or third people, to introduce or to spread in the network physical or logical computer viruses or any other systems that they are susceptible to bring about the damages previously mentioned;
  • To try to accede and, where appropriate, to use the accounts of e-mail of other users and to modify or to manipulate its messages.

Infinittonews has formed its website to approve the commentaries previously, therefore the right is reserved not to publish all those commentaries and contributions that harm the respect to the dignity of the person, which they are discriminatory, xenophobes, racists, pornographic, that attempt against youth or the childhood, the order or the public security or that, in his opinion, were not suitable for its publication.

In any case, Infinittonews will not be responsible for the opinions spilled by the users through blog or other tools of participation that can be created, according to the predicted thing in the application norm.

1.4.2 Captura of information

€“ Form of contact, where the USER will have to fill up the field of e-mail and name.

€“ Form of subscription, filling up the USER the necessary fields for its subscription.

€“ Cookies of tracking, according to the following rules

€“ Navigation and Direction IP: When sailing by this Web, the user facilitates of automatic form to the servant of the Web information regarding his direction IP, date and hour of access, the hyperbond that has resent to him to these, his operating system and the used navigator

In spite of the previous thing, the users will be able at any time to terminate of served by Infinittonews or data contributed by the USER giving fulfillment to the effective norm on Protection of Data. Also, as much when subscribing to this webpage as a realising some commentary in anyone of its pages and/or entrances, the user allows:

  • The treatment of its personal data in the surroundings of WordPress according to its policies of privacy.
  • The access of Infinittonews to the data that, in agreement with the infrastructure of WordPress, the user needs to contribute or for the subscription or any consultation by means of the contact form.
  • Also, the information of our users is protected according to our policy of privacy.

When activating a subscription, form of contact or commentary, the user understand and accept that:

From the moment at which it carries out his subscription or you accede to some service of payment (if outside the case), Infinittonews has access a:

Name, and email, national identity document, data of credit card directly or service as Paypal or similars, complete address and other necessary data (if outside the case) for corresponding invoicing.

In any case Infinittonews reserves the right to modify, at any time and without needing previous warning, the presentation and configuration of the Web as the present legal warning.


Infinittonews in case or as assignee, is holder of all the rights of intellectual and industrial property of its webpage, as well as of the elements contained in the same (for a reason or purpose declarative, images, sound, audio, video, software or texts; brands or logos, combinations of colors, structure and design, selection of used materials, necessary programs of computer for their operation, access and use, among others.), ownership of Infinittonews or of its licenciantes. All rights reserved.

Any nonauthorized use previously by Infinittonews, will be considered a serious breach of the rights of intellectual or industrial property of the author.

They are specifically prohibited the reproduction, the distribution and the public communication, including its modality of make available, of the totality or leaves from the contents of this webpage, with commercial aims, in any support and by any technical means, without the authorization of Infinittonews.

The USER commits himself to respect the rights of Intellectual Property and Industrial ownership of Infinittonews. He will be able to only visualize the elements of the Web without possibility of printing them, of copying them or of storing them in the hard disk of his computer or in any other hardware. The USER will have to abstain to suppress, to alter, to elude or to manipulate any security system or protective device that was installed in the pages of Infinittonews.


Infinittonews does not become person in charge, in any case, of the damages of any nature that could cause, for a reason or purpose declarative: by errors or omissions in the contents, for want of availability of the website, €“ which will realise periodic stops by maintenances €“ as well as by the transmission of virus or malicious or harmful programs in the contents, in spite of to have adopted all the technological measures necessary to avoid it.


Infinittonews reserves the right to carry out without previous warning the modifications that consider opportune in their Web, being able to change, to suppress or to add so much the contents and services that give through the same as the form in which these appear presented or located in their Web.



The people or organizations that they try to realise or they realise a hyperlink from a webpage of another portal of Internet to the Web property of Infinittonews will have to be put under the following conditions:

€“ The total or partial reproduction of any of the contained services nor of the website without the previous express authorization of Infinittonews is not allowed.

€“ Deep-links will settle down neither I connect IMG or of image, nor frames with the Web of Infinittonews without their previous express authorization.

€“ Any false, inexact or incorrect manifestation will not settle down on the Web of property of Infinittonews, nor on the services or contents of the same. Except for those signs that comprise of the hyperbond, the webpage in which one settles down will not contain no brand, commercial name, label of establishment, denomination, logo, catchphrase or other distinguishing signs pertaining to Infinittonews, except for express authorization of this one.

€“ The establishment of the hyperbond will not imply the existence of relations between and the holder of the webpage or the portal from which it is realised, nor the knowledge and acceptance of Infinittonews of the services and contents offered in this webpage or portal.

€“ Infinittonews will not be responsible for the contents or services put at the disposal of the public in the webpage or portal from which the hyperbond is realised, nor of the information and manifestations including in the same.

The website property of Infinittonews can put at the disposal of the user connections and connections to other websites managed and controlled by third parties. These connections have as exclusive function, the one to facilitate to the users the information search, contents and services in Internet, without in no case can consider a suggestion, recommendation or invitation for the visit of the same.

Infinittonews commercializes, neither directs, nor controls previously, nor makes own the contents, services, information and manifestations available in these websites.

Infinittonews does not assume any type of responsibility, not even indirectly or subsidiary, by the damages of all class that could be derived from the access, maintenance, use, quality, legality, reliability and utility of the contents, existing or offered information, communications, opinions, manifestations, products and services in the websites nonmanaged by Infinittonews and that is accessible through


Infinittonews reserves the right to deny or to retire the access to the portal and/or the services offered without needing previous warning, to own instance or of a third party, to those users who fail to fulfill the present General Conditions of Use.


Infinittonews will persecute the breach of the present conditions as well as any illegal use of its Web having exerted all the civil actions and penal that can correspond to him in right.


Infinittonews will be able to modify the here certain conditions at any time, properly being published as here they appear. The use of the mentioned conditions will go based on its exhibition and will be effective until they are modified by others properly published.


Infinittonews informs the right into claim at the disposal of users and clients (if outside the case) being able to send to a mail to indicating its full name, detailing why of its claim. Despite Infinittonews, the right is reserved to review meticulously if the claim comes, following the legal due process.


The relation between Infinittonews and the USER will be in force by the effective Ecuadorian norm and any controversy will be put under the Courts and courts of the city of Quito, unless the applicable Law prepares another thing.

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